Overseas Market Service and Support

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JOINWIT manufacturing the high quality product with professional technology,  providing perfect technical support and after-sales service to assisting the partners with better and faster service to local customer.

1.Area exclusive agency. During the period of cooperation, Joinwit 
will authorize the exclusive agency to partners in particular region. 
The product and service of Joinwit will be able to bring bigger profits 
for agent. Joinwit will assist the partners make a long-term market 
development planning from the products introduction, market cultivation, 
customer service and promotion  activites. Joinwit international 
promotion will also show the regional cooperation partner information.

2.The selling points products and the competitive price support. Joinwit 
has a professional R&D team and perfect product quality management 
system. After more than 15 years production experience, Joinwit can 
provide high quality optical fiber products, such as Optical Test 
Instruments, Optical Cable Tool Kits, Optical Fiber Cleaning Tools, 
Optical Passive Components. We will release a variety of new products 
and services every year and share with partners.  We will also assist 
partners to reduce costs from simplifying the supply chain, controlling 
the cost reasonably and servicing customers easily ,etc. So that we can 
get competitive price and high profits space ,meanwhile to get further 
expand product sales and achieve win-win.
3. Adertisement and promotion support. After Cooperation partner 
acquire the area exclusive  agency of Joinwit, they have to make 
some effective advertisement promotion to catch the market and 
service for customers better. Joinwit could offer support properly 
to enter local market and brand promotion.

4. Product Samples and technical personnel support.At the
 beginning of developing market, product promotion is the first 
step, Joinwit could offer samples for agent to show. Besides, 
during the product promotion period, Joinwit will arrange technical 
staff to local place if there is necessary. We will try our best to 
assist agent to develop local markets.

5. Product certification support. Joinwit had acquired related 
Certification in domestic organization. However, different countries 
with different requirements of  product certifications. Joinwit will 
assist cooperation agent to meet local country’s requirement of 
product certifications.

6. Countinuous support of new products.In most cases,the new 
product can bring much more profits space and market value.
Every year,Joinwit will invest a lot in new product research.
Meanwhile,with professional research and development capabilities ,
Joinwit will meet customers’  requirements for product improvement 
and customization.
7.  Appropriate sales task and reward.As Joinwit’s area exclusive 
agency ,the partner will be requested to realize the reasonable 
sales task from Joinwit,which will also give full assistance .
Moreover,Joinwit encourages the partner to complete the task in 
a better way and  will also give some reward such as rebates, 
travel and so on to improve the enthusiasm and loyalty.

8. The factory’s development prospect information. Facing with 
global markets, Joinwit has many years’ practical experience in 
manufacturing and marketing. Joinwit is devoted to studying 
industry trends as well as improving itself and making progress. 
To ensure concurrence with cooperation partners in industry 
identification and working procedures, Joinwit will communicate 
with these partners and release corporate information to them 
all the time. As the fast development of industry and market 
economy, common business philosophy and cooperation 
consciousness is becoming increasingly necessary.  

Joinwit   will constantly strengthen cooperation 
relationship with partners in practice as needed and 
share resources, reinforce complementary advantages, 
make concerted efforts to serve our customers for 
achieving common progress and development.