【Exhibition Notice】JOINWIT will attend 2021 PHOTONICS CHINA EXPO in Beijing on 24-26th, July, 2021
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Dates: 7/24/2021 - 7/26/2021
Venue: Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center,
Booth No.: C6


The 13th PCE will be held in Beijing on 24-26 July, 2021. This year’s annual event will focus on 6 themes: Infrared Technology and Application, Laser and Intelligent Manufacturing, Optical Communication& Sensor& IOT, Optical Precision Machining, Optical Measuring & Controlling, R&D Innovation.

30000㎡ area

600+ exhibitors

37000+ audiences

The highlight of the Expo


Covering the whole industry chain of opto-electronics, focusing on industrial applications, to provide manufacturers with new ideas and solutions, the end of the precise docking buyers.


Relying on the resources of the Society to bring strong purchasing power of scientific research, universities, state-level scientific research institutes, State Key experiments, National Engineering Center, technology development institutions.


Technology to the market, to help enterprises enhance the ability of technological innovation, to solve the key technology of new product development, new technology service model to facilitate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and industrial upgrading.


High-end forum focus on the front, the level and scale of the forum has been greatly recognized by the industry, covering 5G technology, chip technology, smart sensing, laser technology and material processing, infrared technology, smart driving. Professional audiences from different industries will bring a variety of application requirements.



Professional audience


Aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive engineering, Instrumentation Engineering Technology, General Engineering Technology, electronics and electrical industry, IT industry, communications industry, medical, chemical, petroleum coal, energy, metallurgy, machine tools, etc.