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Tunable optical light source module JW1612
    Publish time 2021-03-30 10:31    
Product overview

The high-performance wavelength tunable laser module imported from abroad is used to achieve continuous laser output of up to 89 wavelengths (ITU-T standard wavelength, wavelength interval 50GHz) in C-band and 64 wavelengths in L-band. Designed with laser and control elements integrated in the module circuit, it is very suitable for the test and measurement of 40G/100Gbpcs long-distance high-speed Fiber-optic communication system, as well as C band DWDM Passive optical device and photoelectric detection. Can Be used in DWDM system research and development, optical fiber laser, optical fiber link, optical device testing and other areas, can be combined with Joinwit other modular products.


⚫ Wide Tuning Range
⚫ High side mode Inhibition ratio
⚫ High power and stability
⚫ Up to 89 wavelengths