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LAN-WDM Laser stabilized optical light source module JW1603X
    Publish time 2021-03-30 10:33    
Product overview

Using Laser and temperature control module, it can output the corresponding wavelength according to the temperature, meet the multiple needs of customers, and realize the output of a single wavelength, which is under the condition that the measurement attenuation range is large and the power and wavelength are very stable, ideal instruments for scientific research and production. It is suitable for wavelength-division multiplexing. Devices, widely used in scientific research, production and engineering in the fields of optical communication, optical transmission, optical fiber sensing, can be used with Joinwit other modular products used in combination.


⚫ High wavelength stability
⚫ Adjustable output power
⚫ Support for coarse/fine tuning
⚫ dBm/mW units optional
⚫ Laser one key off/on
⚫ Up to 4 individual export options