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JW18002-CWDM Optical device integrated test platform
    Publish time 2020-07-13 15:40    
With the development and progress of 5G technology, the application of wavelength-division multiplexing. Technology is more and more extensive. With this comes the need for testing instruments for related devices. JW18002-CWDM integrated testing platform is a professional testing equipment for CWDM devices, Joinwit use newest technology, optical device testing experience research and development of a new generation of precision optical testing instrument. JW18002-CWDM optical device comprehensive test platform is equipped with powerful upper computer application software, which is simple and convenient to operate.

1) support the detection of transmission and reflection insertion-return loss;
2) support transmission and reflection isolation detection;
3) support automatic classification based on product information data;
4) the parameter threshold value can be set to automatically judge whether the product is qualified or not;
5) personalized data storage template, user can set up
6) users can choose to store data continuously or in a single strip according to their needs;
7) power meter can be equipped with external probe according to User's requirement;