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JW8204 MPO-MTP Polarity Instrument
    Publish time 2020-03-05 16:13    
1. Generation
JW8204 polarity instrument is an intelligent product,which is designed for polarity judgment and on-off analysis in MPO/MTP cable production.
Through the one-button automatically scanning operation, the state of cable on and off, polarity (wire sequence) state, alarm and error analysis
can be quickly indicated. JW8204 provides a fast, accurate and highly efficient solution for MPO/MTP cable production, inspection of
semi-finished product and finished product.

2. Product features
2.1   Compatible with 12-core,24-core,16-core,32-core,48-cores and other special core testing,
2.2   Compatible with SM 9/125,MM 50/125, MM 62.5/125 fiber core.
2.3    Support for user-defined polarity setting.
2.4    Support for study mode and error alarm 
2.5     Support for error polarity analysis
2.6     Support for replacement of MPO connector vulnerable parts 
2.7    Support for USB,RS232,and upper monitor application