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JW8204 MPO-MTP Polarity Instrument
    Publish time 2020-12-03 13:22    
JW8204 polarity instrument is an intelligent product,which is designed for polarity judgment and on-off
analysis in MPO/MTP cable production.
Through the one-button automatically scanning operation, the
state of cable on and off, polarity (wire sequence) state, alarm and error analysis
can be quickly
indicated. JW8204 provides a fast, accurate and highly efficient solution for MPO/MTP cable production,
inspection of
semi-finished product and finished product.

 Product features
1   Compatible with 12-core,24-core,16-core,32-core,48-cores and other special core testing,
2   Compatible with SM 9/125,MM 50/125, MM 62.5/125 fiber core.
3    Support for user-defined polarity setting.
4    Support for study mode and error alarm 
5     Support for error polarity analysis
6     Support for replacement of MPO connector vulnerable parts 
7    Support for USB,RS232,and upper monitor application