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JW18001-IL&PDL test platform
    Publish time 2021-03-30 11:09    

Product Overview

In order to meet the requirements of passive devices such as FBTPLC for IL and PDL testing, we adopt JW18001 optical device testing platform, high-speed polarization controller module, multi-channel optical power meter module, multi-wavelength light source module, an integrated TI & PDL test solution is formed.

JW18001 application software can be configured with a variety of test modes, test reports and threshold setting functions, so that the test of multi-core optical devices is no longer complicated and disorderly, data and settings are well organized and reasonably ordered.

Product features

1. high-speed polarization controller, the test time of PDL is less than 0.5 s, which is greatly improved

Test efficiency

2. Multi-channel high-speed optical power meter meets the need of high-speed PDIL disturbance acquisition

Requires up to 64-channel optical power meter support

3. The MPO device is tested by integrating sphere


4. Support aging monitoring and testing applications

5. Support for automatic detection and single channel manual testing

6. Various data storage forms such as XML in Excel database

7. High performance built in PC for system compatibility and smooth operation

This configuration is made up of

1.JW18001 host