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JW18001 DWDM Comprehensive Test System
    Publish time 2021-03-30 11:14    

Product features

1. Personalized workstation configuration

2. Share a tunable light source

3. Flexible selection of tunable light source models

Threshold setting to automatically determine whether a product is qualified or not

5. Support for Data Lookup

6. Graphical visualization of data, simple and intuitive

7. Customizable data storage templates

Product Overview

JW18001-DWDM integrated test system can be equipped with different number of transmission and reflection work station and fiber work station according to the actual demand. The parameters of PDL, RL and Dir can be tested, and ITU L, Min L, Max L, ILuniformity, Ripple, CWL (0.5 db, 1 db, 3 db, etc.) , center wavelength and ITU wavelength can be calculated automatically.