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JW18001 CWDM scan test system
    Publish time 2021-03-30 16:44    

Product features

1. One-drag four (or one-drag N) test program can be realized

2. Share spectrometers, broadband light sources

3. Threshold setting to automatically determine whether a product is qualified or not

4. Support for Data Lookup

5. Graphical visualization of data, simple and intuitive

6. Customizable data storage templates

Product Overview

JW18001-CWDM scanning test system can adopt one-to-four (or one-to-four N) hardware design scheme to make multiple test stations share time-sharing broadband light source and Spectrum Analyzer, which can reduce the cost of the instrument and improve the test efficiency. Test device transmission channel, reflection channel I L, ISO, NonIso and RL. The upper computer can automatically classify the data in a reasonable order according to the product information and support the data searching.