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JW3302 series OTDR
    Publish time 2021-03-09 09:11    


JW3302 series are the compact multi-functional platform. It is convenient and accurate for auto/manual testing, multi-wavelength testing, Integrated intelligent and multi-functional analysis.

JW3302 is easy to handle with large color LCD touch screen and smart user-interface. Windows CE system, large built-in and extended memory enable convenient test data storage, access and transfer to PC via USB for further analysis and reporting. Management software on the PC can be further analysis the data.

Product characteristics:

Ø  7 inch color LCD touch screen of sharp display, 4-level adjustable brightness;

Ø  Convenient and flexible handling: Touch-screen, keypad and external USB mouse/keyboard;

Ø  Large-capacity data storage;

Ø  USB data interface (Host and Client), Supports a variety of data backup;

Ø  Directly connected particular model USB printer

Ø  PC software for test data analysis and reporting;

Ø  Auto screensaver feature for power saving;

Ø  AC/DC dual power supply;

Ø  Optimized power management: 10 hours continuous operation.

Optional Built-in Functional Modules

Ø  OTDR function module, detail specification for later chapters

Ø  Stabilized Laser Source Module (as OTDR)

Ø  Optical Power Meter Module

Ø  Optical Connector Inspector Module, detail specification for later chapters

Ø  Remote control Module

Ø  Link Image Module