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JW8102 Four-Channel Optical Power Meter
    Publish time 2020-12-07 09:35    
JW8102 Four-Channel Optical Power Meter provide superior dynamic range and  Linearity technical index . It adopts RS232-C and RS485
communication interface, can communicate directly with PC, and communication protocol is compatible with standard instruction.
The reduced instruction can greatly increase the communication rate with the PC, and the standard instruction can greatly improve the
reliability of the communication with the PCB.

The user can carry on the secondary development according to the application demand. Detachable external optical power meter probe,
can meet the majority of optical device manufacturers, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities application needs.

1) optical power meter can be configured as an external probe or panel      mount
2)      Provide RS232  Communication function
3)     Configure five adapter connector type
4)      1-4 Channel Optical Power Meter can be optional