【Exhibition notice】 JOINWIT will attend CCWPE 2023 in Chengdu on 4/26 – 4/28/2023
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Fair Name: CCWPE 2023

Dates: 4/26/2023 – 4/28/2023

Venue: New International Convention & Exposition Center Chengdu Century City 

#1 M-Sec. , Tianfu Ave. , Chengdu, China

Booth No.: B0924-B0926

China International (West) Optoelectronics Industry Expo & Communication/Optics/Laser/infrared/Sensing/Display and Touch Screen/Intelligent Electronics and Optoelectronics Exhibition (CCWPE or West Optoelectronics Expo for short) is the only annual event of the whole industrial chain of optoelectronics industry in western China with the longest history. It has been successfully held for 21 consecutive years.

CCWPE has the strong support and close cooperation of the competent government units and many related industry organizations such as photoelectric/electronics/consumer, communication, electric power, intelligent manufacturing, medical, semiconductor, automation, military industry, military industry/aerospace, machinery, transportation, automobile, metallurgy, instrumentation, computer, shipbuilding and education. It has a broad and strong professional audience base.