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JW8307AL No-mandrel Insertion loss & return loss tester
    Publish time 2021-04-06 10:18    
1. Real no-mandrel RL test, no matching gel;
2. Automatic IL&RL test;
3. Concurrent dual wavelength IL and RL Display;
4. Provides different working modes as OPM、IL、RL、ILRL、IL2、ILRL2;
5.High-precision optical power meter mode, wide measurement range (up to +5dBm~-75dBm);
6.USB and RS-232 interface to satisfy different needs;  
7. Abundant threshold settings and warning function;
8.Integrating sphere configuration is available in OPM section:
9. Powerful optical device applications;
10. Default  DUT cable Max distance for 1m-2km;
11. Easier maintenance for module products 

JW8307AL series of No-mandrel Insertion loss & return loss tester is a classic and updated version of JW8307 No-mandrel return loss tester. The new design is equipped with higher light stability, return loss test precision, more abundant test modes and software application functions.
No-mandrel return loss tester fills the gap in domestic market and technology, greatly improves the efficiency of the test optical return loss. Meanwhile it supports a good solution for some optical devices which are unable or not easy to bind.   


OPM detection range

+5dBm~ -85dBm




SM 1310/1550/   MM 850/1300

Light Source Stability

 0.01dB/15min      0.03dB/8hour



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