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JW8607 Automatic offset extinction ratio tester
    Publish time 2023-11-09 15:02    

Product description

JW8607 Automatic polarizing extinction ratio tester is a professional equipment for polarizing extinction ratio (PER) detection of polarizing device, polarization degree detection of light source, polarizing fiber extinction ratio detection and other polarizing device detection. It is a new generation of precision optical detection instrument developed by Jiahui Company combined with many years of optical device detection experience. It can be used to measure the extinction ratio of polarizing fiber, the extinction ratio of polarizing device, the extinction ratio of polarizing connector, the polarization degree of light source and the Angle between the polarization axis. The upper computer software is powerful and easy to operate. JW8607 adds an automatic bias function on the basis of the previous, so that customers can use it faster and more convenient.

Product characteristics

1) Large dynamic range PER;

2) High accuracy, high stability;

3) The test speed is fast;

4) Automatic control deflection, deflection speed is fast;

5) Support RS232 interface; Support secondary development;

6) Interchangeable interface; Supports bare fiber jig

7) Support IL testing; Insertion loss;

8) Support polarization-maintaining fiber optic axis Angle test;

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