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JW18001-2IRL Dual Port No-mandrel Insertion-Return Loss Tester
    Publish time 2020-07-13 14:54    
1) Real non-winding echo loss test without Index Matching Block;
2) Automated Il & RL Testing;
3) Dual Wavelength IL & RL Display;
4) Provide multiple modes of work;
5) Provide high precision optical power meter mode, testing range of + 5dBm ~ -75dBm;
6) Provide different interfaces to meet different needs;
7) Variety threshold setting and alarm function;
8) OPM part Optional Integral Ball Configuration;
9) Powerful applications for optical devices;

JW18001-2IRL Dual Port No-mandrel Insertion-Return Loss Tester is an updated version of JW8307A. The new product adopts Modular design, which has more abundant testing functions and is suitable for the measurement of two-core jumper while satisfying the normal insertion loss test. Support Polarity Test Function, equipped with double LC socket, make easier for testing.
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